Citizen Outreach Survey-February Month Guidelines

Citizen Outreach Campaign Program

1.Citizen Outreach Program for the month of February 2022 will be conducted on 25th and 26th.

2.Every functionary shall participate in campaign along with Volunteers as One Team.

3.Guidelines to the Campaign Team Members (Annexure-I) and Taking points for interaction with the citizens are communicated. (Annexure-II).

4.MPDOs/ Municipal Commissioners are requested to form Supervisory Teams with all the Line Department Officers within that Mandal / Municipalities for Monitoring of Citizen Outreach Campaign and orient them for get all Functionaries of their Departments participated in the campaign.

Focus Points For FEB Month COP are

1. Survey on ROFR pattas
2. Survey on Household Data Validation
3. Survey on NPCI Mapping for Aadhaar based DBT

Citizen Outreach App link

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